Winners – Edition #8


Winners, finalists and mentions of the eighth edition of the Los Angeles Photography Awards are listed below.



“Coastal Dreams, Only”, series by Navin Dhyani

Navin Dhyani is a celebrity fashion and portrait photographer based out of glamour capital Mumbai, India.

He has been creating images for 6years with top names in India’s fashion and Bollywood landscape. His love for photography started when he was working as a flight attendant for an international airline and travelling across the world and cultures seeing how people lived their passion which inspired him to ultimately take up photography. 

Since then he has only evolved and strive to create new concepts and showcase the beauty around in its best form. 
He also does publicity photoshoots for various TV and OTT shows with top Bollywood celebrities.

“A photo for me is not just an image of the subject its the state of mind of it and the emotions which it’s portraying. It is sometimes a reality check and sometimes an inspiration, It is sometimes moment to relish and remember and sometimes a moment which should never happen again. It is not just an image.”



“Food”, series by Amaru.

Amaru made his TV debut in his native country on a current affairs high school quiz of which he was the captain. But after moving to Europe and seeing Denzel Washington play a doctor on a TV show, AMARU was assured that “if Denzel can do that, I can do that”. And so as soon as he left his native South American homeland, the Republic of Suriname, for Europe, he started pursuing his career in acting and music. He studied acting in Los Angeles and in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for about 8 years.

While he started out modeling for art students and print ads, he made his big European TV debut by portraying late opera legend Luciano Pavarotti in the intro of the Dutch game show “Now Or Never”, a show in which people were offered money to do something they were afraid of in an attempt to overcome their fears.



“Frozen Chaos” by Lukas Atzert.

29 years old. self thought photographer and loving what I do.

Our world is precious and we have to take care of it.



“Mask of her” by Marco Cucurnia.

Marco Cucurnia was born in Genoa in January 1975.

Before arriving at the cinema, he began to rationalize the imagination with photography: the first shots were among the coal heaps of the port of Genoa.

He worked for many years with Mario Monicelli.



“Filthy Pout” by Mal Blondell.



“Newdhera”. series by Matea Pejić.

I have always wanted to differ from others, and to have a different view on life.

It was logical to choose a profession in which I could express my often misunderstood creativity, which has eventually become recognizable.

Recognizing hair as a basic material for creating my crafts, I have always approached it with the utmost respect. Hairdressing career, which started in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2000, has been continued in Croatia and beyond.

In my long career, I have been the official hairstylist at numerous events: Beauty Contests in BiH, Fashion Week, Croatian Radio Festival, Dora-the choice of the Croatian song for the Eurovision Song Contest, etc.

I also received the OMC award for contribution to the profession. Despite building my international career, I always find time to develop my personal creativity. One of my latest innovations, that I’m very proud of, is a special technique for curling hair in only 7 min.



“Michael and the book of psalms”, by Paul Gatto.

Beginning in the television and corporate video production field in 1995, Paul has held every position on a production crew from talent wrangler to technical producer/switcher to camera operator.

Through his lens, Paul always strives to capture the emotion of a decisive moment in time.

Currently working as a videographer and photographer for the foreign affairs department of the Government of Canada, Paul has had the opportunity to photograph many individuals, from Nobel Prize winners to people living in poverty–each with their own unique face to show the world.Artist Statement

The only statement I can make is through the lens of my camera. 


“La femme qui fume” by Marco Cucurnia.



“Praying for our community” by Ashley Starkey.