Call for entries

The #2nd call for entries started on November 12th and closed on December 18th.

Notifications and results will be published the later by Christmas.

logo LA Photoraphy Awards

You have 2 ways to submit :


Submit your photo on FilmFreeway.

It is a platform mostly focused on Film Festivals, but they also accept photography contests, and live events of many genres. The platform is great, both for submitters and event managers. The Talent Factory has a strong partnership with FilmFreeway and it is also an excellent judging platform for our international Judges.


Submit using the direct form.

Please read the rules below, and go to the form here.



Winners will be exposed :
1) At the French Alliance of Pasadena, on January 26th, 2018.
2) In Studio City in May 2018 (exact date TBC), during the Talent Factory annual event in Los Angeles.


Each submission is one picture, only.
Any format, any genre, style…
We do not accept series.

Each submission must come with :
– a title
– the author’s name
– the author’s country
– an author’s statement / or presentation note / or Letter of intent : with a minimum of 5 lines and a maximum of 20 lines.

You have to be the author of the picture. If you are an agent or a representative, you must specify it in the credits section in your project profile.

Amateurs and professionnals are accepted, any device is accepted : we choose to focus on the quality of your work, not your status or the camera you used.

By submitting your give your express authorisation to the festival and its managing entities and its direct partners to show, showcase, exhibit your submitted work with no limitation, via any network, digital or print, for all non commercial purposes.

Some Editing is acceptable.
No Pornography, nude accepted.
Religion themes must be presented with a factual or artistic approach.
The management reserve itself the right to disqualify any submission that would be considered unethical, aggressive or non respectful.

Submissions are done online only.

Ruban only


My Insta Moment :
NO selfies in this category. The photo you submit here must have been published on your Instagram page previously. Please add a link IN YOUR FILMFREEWAY PROFILE. Any photo previously published on Instagram is eligible. Here it is your moment, your talent, captured for Instagram. It can resonates way more than just on Instagram.

Free Style / No theme :
You can submit here any photo you want, with no limitation of theme, or category. If you submit a selfie for exemple, we will requalify your picture into the selfie category.

My Selfie :
Selfie is the new portrait. Can your selfie be the best of all ? The funniest ? The most unexpected ? Let us take a look at you… ^^

CHRISTMAS / Theme of the edition
CHRISTMAS is the theme of the #2nd edition. If you wish to send your own pretty picture of Christmas or Christmas inspired : we are looking for images matching this universe, whether it is a souvenir, an Instagram moment, a more professional picture. We may select more than one winner(s) for this category.